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In accordance with WJ Virtual policy please use the following format when creating your Forum User Name. Your WJA pilot number followed by your first and last names, example: WJA9999 John Smith Any other variation will not be approved and will be changed to reflect our policy. Thank you for your cooperation!
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WJA0001 Nicolas Moreau

WJA Pilots Code of Conduct

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The Pilot’s Code of Conduct

As a member of WJ Virtual, you must agree to and abide by the terms of this Code of Conduct (CoC). This document is for the use of WJ Virtual members only and is considered to be confidential and is not to be shared with anyone not affiliated with WJ Virtual. It may be changed or amended at any time without prior notice.

(1) As a member of WJ Virtual (WJA) you agree to maintain a positive and professional manner at all times. In order to have an enjoyable experience at WJA, we ask that all pilots refrain from creating or spreading drama and politics. We will certainly make every attempt to keep things light-hearted and we ask that our members do the same. Making disparaging remarks in any public forum about WJA, its pilots, management, software and/or any intellectual properties of WJA will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to: the WJA or any Forum, ACARS Chat, any voice communication program such as Team Speak or Ventrilo, or any other manner of communication considered public. Problems arising from membership should be handled in the appropriate manner as outlined in the “Dispute Resolution”section of this Code of Conduct. Pilots found to be in violation of this section are subject to: reprimand, suspension and/or termination at the sole discretion of WJA management.

(2) The use of the following anywhere within WJA shall be subject to immediate termination without warning: The posting of sexually explicit material, the use of racist language or using racial epithets towards any member of WJA or the promotion of any illegal activities. We must also insist that pilots refrain from derogatory comments regarding other cultures, religions and/or local customs. You must also agree not to recruit for, or promote other VA's to our pilots. Any pilot found to be using or promoting any of these activities may be terminated immediately and shall not be allowed future membership with WJA.

(3) When communicating via email and on the Forum, please remember that typed words have no context. Something that you type in humor may not be taken that way by another member and could be considered offensive. Choose your words carefully!

(4) When flying online at either VATSIM or IVAO or Rotate, please remember that you are representing WJA and all of our pilots. Please maintain a professional attitude when flying online. Any pilot suspended from either VATSIM or IVAO shall also be suspended from WJA. Pilots having an issue with an online controller shall take the controllers name, complete their flight and notify WJA management as well as the management of the online service. Never argue with a controller online, it will only get you in trouble.

(5) We will naturally have members with varying degrees of experience here. All WJA pilots are strongly encouraged to help out others that may be new to flight simulation or VA’s in general. Remember, we were all new to this hobby at one point.

(6) The main goal here is to enjoy your hobby. Please be courteous and respectful to other members, but above all else, HAVE FUN!


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