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In accordance with WJ Virtual policy please use the following format when creating your Forum User Name. Your WJA pilot number followed by your first and last names, example: WJA9999 John Smith Any other variation will not be approved and will be changed to reflect our policy. Thank you for your cooperation!
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WJA0001 Nicolas Moreau

WJA Forum Terms of Service

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The forums are a password-protected online communication environment accessible by members to review and add content. In order to do this, you must provide a username and password. Your username and password must correspond to your account identification, which will be assigned when you join WJA.

The only acceptable format for a Forum username is as follows: Your Pilot Number followed by your first and last names. Ex. WJA9999 John Smith. Any other username will be edited or deleted

It is very important that you check the forums on a regular basis, because as most of the information regarding the operation of WJA will be posted there. There is also a general discussions topic there, as well as several other topics, so checking it frequently will ensure that you are apprised of important news and announcements.

Posting privileges for the forums are available to all registered members. WJ Virtual’s forums are grouped by subject, so when posting, be certain to select the correct topic. Posts involving the following subject matter are strictly prohibited:

·         Offensive language directed at staff or other pilots

·         Pornographic links or material

·         Advertising of other Virtual Airlines (unless authorized by staff team members)

·         Any debates or remarks which may offend international pilots regarding religious issues and local customs

·         References to links for illegal software

·         Posts considered as non-contributory to the general well being and morale of WJA

·         Any posts that are of a political nature

Any member, no matter their position within WJA, found posting a message or image in the forums which violates this rule, will be terminated and will be permanently banned from WJA.

Questions regarding the forums should be directed to the CEO or COO.

All members are required to register on our forums. Pilots are reminded that foul and obscene language is not tolerated in any way, and pilots are not to engage in offensive slanging matches.

Pilots who are unable to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner should not post items on the forum. The forums are moderated by all staff team members. WJA management retains the right to: modify, edit or delete any post or thread at their discretion.


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