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Submitted By Barry - WJA0077
On - 04/30/2016

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Posted by Nicolas Moreau on 12/01/2018

Swoop is Live!

Hello Pilots,

For those who were not aware, WJ-Virtual offers now Swoop 

Swoop (WSW) is a Canadian ultra low-cost carrier owned by WestJet. It was officially announced on September 27, 2017, and began flights on June 20, 2018. The airline is based in Calgary, Alberta and was named after WestJet's desire to "swoop" (or jump) into the Canadian market with a new business model. Shortly after launch, WestJet announced that Swoop may not be based solely in Calgary, but also in another nearby market like EdmontonAbbotsford or Winnipeg, though the airline is likely to stay based in Alberta to take advantage of the lower tax rate and larger market population. On February 1, 2018, Swoop officially began selling tickets to the public, announcing John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport as their main hub.


Take a look at our schedule page and you will see many great destination to go to.


You can find the livery in our Download page




Nicolas Moreau - CEO

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Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Distance/Time

Recent Flights

Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
WSW705Barry CunninghamKLASCYXXB738 03.05.27-48 ft/m Pending
WJA2059Tommy LeclercMMUNCYVRB738 06.29.47-203 ft/m Accepted
PCO3037Brandon PanioCYYCCYXSSF3401.53.00-109 ft/m Accepted
WSW111Jigesh SidddhpurraCYHMCYWGB738 02.19.06-177 ft/m Accepted
WSW106Jigesh SidddhpurraCYXXCYHMB738 05.04.12-490 ft/m Accepted
WSW752Barry CunninghamCYEGKLASB738 03.09.53-28 ft/m Accepted
WJA2900Tommy LeclercCYHZMMUNB73706.13.45-102 ft/m Accepted
WJA138Barry CunninghamCYVRCYYCB73701.31.26-39 ft/m Accepted
WS3064Brandon PanioCYLLCYYCSF3401.13.55-349 ft/m Accepted
WEN3279Hal SpreckleyCYVRCYYJDH8D00.31.53-338 ft/m Accepted

Vatsim Live Activity Using WJA and WEN

Call Sign Real Name Departure Destination Altitude Aircraft
WJA262Joel ZepedaCYYZKORD12763B738/L

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WJA0077 Barry Cunningham has filed a PIREP from KLAS to CYXX View Flight Report

WJA0465 Tommy Leclerc has filed a PIREP from MMUN to CYVR View Flight Report

WJA0474 Brandon Panio has filed a PIREP from CYYC to CYXS View Flight Report


WJA0170 Gary Langlois - 25$
WJA0469 Chad Ravary - 20$
WJA0362 Pascal Steffan - 20$
WJA0077 Barry Cunningham - 30$

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