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Submitted By Arslan - WJA0012
On - 05/21/2014

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Posted by Nicolas Moreau on 09/21/2020

Finally back online!

Hello, We have got a major issue with our database host, they upgraded it and our site was no longer compatible!

No, restore available. I have decided to change the hosting provider. But a lot of work to migrate all data.

But now, it's back running and you can fly as soon as you want.

You will notice that our schedule has been cleaned up and our schedule script is adding and editing every hour.

Let us know if you have any issues.

Thank you for your patience!


Live Flights

Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Distance/Time

Recent Flights

Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
WJA711Pier-Luc PlamondonCYYZCYVRB78905.05.00-234 ft/m Accepted
WJA724Gary BlackwellCYVRCYYZB738 4.60 ft/m Accepted
WJA139Gary BlackwellCYYCCYVRB738 1.20 ft/m Accepted
WJA3Pier-Luc PlamondonCYYZEGKKB78906.44.16-210 ft/m Accepted
WJA725Chris SaundersonCYYZCYVRB736 05.28.55-385 ft/m Accepted
WJA711Pier-Luc PlamondonCYYZCYVRB78904.49.56-182 ft/m Accepted
WJA724Chris SaundersonCYVRCYYZB736 4.50 ft/m Accepted
WJA605Jigesh SidddhpurraCYYZCYQRB738 02.53.30-28 ft/m Accepted
WJA112Andy KeeneyCYVRCYYCB738 01.19.33-240 ft/m Accepted
WJA725Andy KeeneyCYYZCYVRB73704.57.17-175 ft/m Accepted

Vatsim Live Activity Using WJA and WEN

Call Sign Real Name Departure Destination Altitude Aircraft
WJA209David Paton CYVRCYVRKSFO37430T/B738/L

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Recent Bids

Chris has chosen flight WJA1 departing from CYYC arriving at EGKK,and will be flying a B789 (B789)

Grant has chosen flight WJA605 departing from CYYZ arriving at CYQR,and will be flying a B738 (B738)

Recent Activity

WJA0078 Pier-Luc Plamondon has filed a PIREP from CYYZ to CYVR View Flight Report

WJA0682 Gary Blackwell has filed a PIREP from CYVR to CYYZ View Flight Report

WJA0682 Gary Blackwell has filed a PIREP from CYYC to CYVR View Flight Report

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WJA0170 Gary Langlois

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