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Posted by Nicolas Moreau on 06/02/2018

June 2018 Update

WJ Virtual Has announced its first flights to mainland Europe.

The Calgary-based airline says daily direct flights will begin June That is on top of a new path between Halifax and Gatwick Airport in London that has underway April 29.

WJ Virtual began flights to Europe several years back with service to Dublin, Glasgow and London.

The Halifax routes will be flown by its new Boeing 737-8 Max aircraft. (Our 738 is accepted)

WJ Virtual also has four wide-body 767s and expects delivery of 787 Dreamliners to start in 2019.

Enjoy your flights :)

Live Flights

Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Distance/Time

Recent Flights

Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
WJA2653Anthony BoivinTNCMCYYZB738 05.06.06-126 ft/m Accepted
WJA117Tomas HanssonCYYCCYVRB738 01.29.00-264 ft/m Accepted
WEN3604Gary LangloisCYYZKBOSDH8D01.37.58-158 ft/m Accepted
WJA1501Jesse TiessenKLASCYYCB738 02.57.59-148 ft/m Accepted
WJA81Pascal SteffanLFPGCYHZB38M07.39.15-262 ft/m Accepted
WJA2652Anthony BoivinCYYZTNCMB738 04.31.07-310 ft/m Accepted
WJA80Pascal SteffanCYHZLFPGB38M05.46.06-150 ft/m Accepted
WEN3268Tommy LeclercCYEGCYQRDH8D01.35.26-489 ft/m Accepted
WJA215Tomas HanssonCYULCYYCB73704.41.46-245 ft/m Accepted
WJA80Jigesh SidddhpurraCYHZLFPGB38M05.34.15-201 ft/m Accepted

Vatsim Live Activity Using WJA and WEN

Call Sign Real Name Departure Destination Altitude Aircraft
WJA1469Will Westlake CYYJKPSPCYYC36252B737/L
WJA3310Martin Cook CYLW2772

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Tommy LeclercCanada


Recent Bids

Jesse has chosen flight WJA1402 departing from CYYC arriving at KPHX,and will be flying a B738 (B738)

Tommy has chosen flight WJA156 departing from CYQR arriving at CYYZ,and will be flying a B738 (B738)

Recent Activity

WJA0538 Anthony Boivin has filed a PIREP from TNCM to CYYZ View Flight Report

WJA0398 Tomas Hansson has filed a PIREP from CYYC to CYVR View Flight Report

WJA0170 Gary Langlois has filed a PIREP from CYYZ to KBOS View Flight Report


WJA0170 Gary Langlois - 25$
WJA0469 Chad Ravary - 20$
WJA0362 Pascal Steffan - 20$
WJA0077 Barry Cunningham - 30$


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