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Posted by Pier-Luc Plamondon on 03/13/2019

Boeing 737 MAX Situation

Hello dear pilots,

Due to recent events with the Boeing 737MAX WestJet today announced that we are complying with Transport Canada’s decision to temporarily ground the Boeing 737 MAX fleet. The announcement was made by Transport Minister Marc Garneau this morning in Ottawa.

We respect the decision made by Transport Canada and our 13 MAX aircraft in our fleet are grounded and not allowed to be flown until further advise.

All scheduled MAX flight will be tail swapped with other aircrafts in our fleet (mostly 737NG.)

We will monitor closely the situation and keep everyone posted on any update about the situation.

Thanks for your comprehension


Pier-Luc Plamondon -COO

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Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Distance/Time

Recent Flights

Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
WJA1331Jigesh SidddhpurraKLASCYQRB738 02.25.19-335 ft/m Pending
WJA217Tommy LeclercCYULCYYCB736 04.46.45-318 ft/m Pending
PCO3038Brandon PanioCYXSCYYCSF3401.46.30-327 ft/m Pending
WJA1591Jigesh SidddhpurraKATLCYYCB738 04.12.29-334 ft/m Pending
PCO3037Brandon PanioCYYCCYXSSF3401.44.48-117 ft/m Accepted
WJA657Guillaume RobitailleCYYZCYYCB76304.27.34-544 ft/m Accepted
PCO3015Brandon PanioCYXHCYYCSF3400.54.46-103 ft/m Accepted
PCO3012Brandon PanioCYYCCYXHSF3401.01.13-465 ft/m Accepted
WSW768Kevin AndrewsCYEGKIWAB738 03.24.39-155 ft/m Accepted
WJA1212Eric BoltCYYZKLGAB736 01.32.24-241 ft/m Accepted

Vatsim Live Activity Using WJA and WEN

Call Sign Real Name Departure Destination Altitude Aircraft
WJA124Ryan MaddenCYYZCYYC36376B738/L
WJA1395Derek Schumann2188
WJA1466Barry Cunningham CYEGCYYCKPSP39253B737/L
WJA247Paul McCurry CYWGCYHZCYYZ35935B738/L
WJA3452Josh AgeebCYYCKPDX3570B763/L
WJA422Matthew CianfaraniCYVRCYLW17B738/L

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Guillaume RobitailleCanada
Barry CunninghamCanada


Recent Bids

Barry has chosen flight WJA1466 departing from CYYC arriving at KPSP,and will be flying a B737 (B737)

Guillaume has chosen flight WJA1860 departing from CYYC arriving at PHNL,and will be flying a B763 (B763)

Paul has chosen flight WJA4400 departing from CYYZ arriving at CYUL,and will be flying a B737 (B737)

Recent Activity

WJA0312 Jigesh Sidddhpurra has filed a PIREP from KLAS to CYQR View Flight Report

WJA0465 Tommy Leclerc has filed a PIREP from CYUL to CYYC View Flight Report

WJA0474 Brandon Panio has filed a PIREP from CYXS to CYYC View Flight Report

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WJA0170 Gary Langlois

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