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Submitted By Nicolas - WJA0001
On - 01/29/2014

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Posted by Nicolas Moreau on 01/12/2018

New WJ-Virtual Staff Member.

Welcome to Tommy Leclerc. Tommy will work as webmaster. His goal is to keep our site up and running and fix bugs if any. He will also work on many new feature and website improvements. 


Tommy is new with WJ Virtual but I know him as a friend.

He work as full employee as Network Programmer at Ubisoft.


We are happy to get him in our team.

We have already discussed together about many project to get WJ Virtual better :)


By the way, a new topic in our forum has been opened to know your suggestions. Please take a look.


Nicolas Moreau CEO

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Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Distance/Time

Recent Flights

Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
WJA1055Tommy LeclercKFLLCYULB73703.25.57-338 ft/m Accepted
WJA1571Barry CunninghamKDENCYYCB736 02.27.41-105 ft/m Accepted
WJA1570Barry CunninghamCYYCKDENB736 02.46.22-408 ft/m Accepted
WJA597Russell AlmeidaCYULCYYZB738 01.30.38-235 ft/m Accepted
WEN3207Gary LangloisCYQTCYWGDH8D01.52.51-239 ft/m Accepted
WJA2661Nicolas MoreauMKJSCYYZB738 4.100 ft/m Accepted
WJA1630Tommy LeclercCYYCKFLLB738 05.23.45-190 ft/m Accepted
WJA1215Chad RavaryKLGACYYZB738 01.31.05-231 ft/m Accepted
WJA592Russell AlmeidaCYYZCYULB736 01.30.57-1534 ft/m Accepted
WJA1216Chad RavaryCYYZKLGAB738 01.41.39-136 ft/m Accepted

Vatsim Live Activity Using WJA and WEN

Call Sign Real Name Departure Destination Altitude Aircraft
WJA573Jonah RuttanCYWGCYEG790B733/L

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Pascal has chosen flight WJA1089 departing from KMCO arriving at CYUL,and will be flying a B737 (B737)

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WJA0465 Tommy Leclerc has filed a PIREP from KFLL to CYUL View Flight Report

WJA0077 Barry Cunningham has filed a PIREP from KDEN to CYYC View Flight Report

WJA0077 Barry Cunningham has filed a PIREP from CYYC to KDEN View Flight Report


WJA0170 Gary Langlois - 25$
WJA0469 Chad Ravary - 20$
WJA0362 Pascal Steffan - 20$


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