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Vatsim ATC Map

Real Name CID Position Frequency
Aliaksei Pilko1215277AP_OBS199.998
Barry Theodore980291BT_SUP199.998
Daniel Klimovitsky1229434DK_OBS121.400
Michael Eyecold1283788EDDF_N_APP120.800
Erikas Batura1361313ENGM_ATIS127.150
Erikas Batura1361313ENOS_CTR118.870
Edward M1063984KDEN_ATIS125.600
Daniel Hohashvili1299757LLBG_ATIS132.500
Daniel Hohashvili1299757LLBG_D_APP120.500
Eyal Rokach1417576LLBG_D_TWR134.600
Amit Eisinger1263683LLLL_CTR121.400
Teodor Gabriel Petric 1427633LROP_ATIS118.500
Teodor Gabriel Petric 1427633LROP_TWR120.900
Michael Mund-Hoym1038942MM_SUP199.998
Neil Ogden1460438NO_OBS199.998
James Ford-Hathaway1420070NZAA_ATIS127.800
James Ford-Hathaway1420070NZAA_TWR118.700
Mateen Ali Anjum1145162OPLA_ATIS126.300
Mateen Ali Anjum1145162OPLR_CTR132.200
Sergio Martin Tome1434271SAEZ_APP119.900
Sergio Martin Tome1434271SAEZ_ATIS127.800
Roger Olivares1291032TCA7986199.998

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