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Doug Fisher's Statistics

Name Doug Fisher Hours 146.48
Pilot ID WJA0160 Flights 52
Hub CYVR Distance Flown 51769 miles
Rank First Officer Last Flight 1221 Days ago
Hire Date: 12/23/2015 Last Flight Date 05/26/2017

Doug Fisher (Hired 1741 days ago!)

Awards (9)

    For having piloted 10 flights
    For having piloted 50 flights
    For being with wj-virtual for one year
    For being with wj-virtual for two years
    For being with wj-virtual for one year
    For flying 2 consecutive days
    For flying 5 consecutive days
    For landing at 50fpm or under
    For landing at 100fpm or under

PIREP's List (52)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
WJA1200 CYYZ KLGA B738 (B738) 01.28.47 05/25/2017 Accepted
WJA1757 KLAS CYVR B738 (B738) 02.58.50 12/04/2016 Accepted
WJA1788 CYVR KLAS B738 (B738) 02.19.17 08/22/2016 Accepted
WJA1882 CYVR PHKO B738 (B738) 05.34.29 08/21/2016 Accepted
WJA419 CYYC CYVR B738 (B738) 01.31.42 07/08/2016 Accepted
WJA2612 CYYZ MUVR B738 (B738) 03.18.24 06/16/2016 Accepted
WJA1213 KLGA CYYZ B736 (B736) 01.15.36 06/15/2016 Accepted
WJA1208 CYYZ KLGA B736 (B736) 01.10.21 06/13/2016 Accepted
WJA367 CYOW CYYZ B736 (B736) 00.48.29 06/09/2016 Accepted
WJA358 CYYZ CYOW B736 (B736) 00.48.29 06/08/2016 Accepted
WJA1221 KFLL CYYZ B738 (B738) 02.48.03 06/08/2016 Accepted
WJA1220 CYYZ KFLL B738 (B738) 02.55.44 06/07/2016 Accepted
WJA710 CYVR CYYZ B738 (B738) 04.22.32 06/06/2016 Accepted
WJA173 CYEG CYVR B738 (B738) 01.24.48 06/06/2016 Accepted
WEN3170 CYYC CYEG DH8D (DH8D) 00.45.56 06/06/2016 Accepted
WJA286 CYVR CYYC B736 (B736) 01.30.00 06/04/2016 Accepted
WJA143 CYOW CYVR B736 (B736) 04.58.57 05/30/2016 Accepted
WJA360 CYYZ CYOW B736 (B736) 00.54.15 05/29/2016 Accepted
WJA587 CYUL CYYZ B736 (B736) 01.09.54 05/29/2016 Accepted
WJA583 CYYZ CYUL B738 (B738) 01.08.58 05/26/2016 Accepted
WJA2288 CYYC MMSD B738 (B738) 04.21.55 05/24/2016 Accepted
WJA178 CYQQ CYYC B738 (B738) 01.39.45 05/23/2016 Accepted
WJA179 CYYC CYQQ B738 (B738) 01.31.31 05/22/2016 Accepted
WJA229 CYHZ CYYC B738 (B738) 05.17.36 05/22/2016 Accepted
WJA392 CYEG CYHZ B738 (B738) 04.46.41 05/14/2016 Accepted
WJA1423 KLAX CYEG B738 (B738) 02.55.18 05/13/2016 Accepted
WJA1696 CYVR KLAX B737 (B737) 02.27.49 05/12/2016 Accepted
WJA1865 PHNL CYVR B738 (B738) 05.44.50 05/11/2016 Accepted
WJA1864 CYVR PHNL B738 (B738) 05.48.25 05/10/2016 Accepted
WJA955 CYYC CYVR B738 (B738) 01.39.02 05/08/2016 Accepted
WJA671 CYYZ CYYC B738 (B738) 04.21.23 05/07/2016 Accepted
WJA2425 MMUN CYYZ B738 (B738) 03.59.27 05/07/2016 Accepted
WJA2310 CYYC MMUN B738 (B738) 05.39.30 04/23/2016 Accepted
WJA286 CYVR CYYC B736 (B736) 01.21.35 04/22/2016 Accepted
WJA707 CYYZ CYVR B736 (B736) 05.13.08 04/22/2016 Accepted
WJA2505 MUCC CYYZ B738 (B738) 03.32.00 04/21/2016 Accepted
WJA2504 CYYZ MUCC B738 (B738) 03.17.28 04/17/2016 Accepted
WJA1237 KMCO CYYZ B737 (B737) 03.22.16 04/16/2016 Accepted
WJA1166 CYYZ KMCO B738 (B738) 02.46.41 04/15/2016 Accepted
WJA730 CYVR CYYZ B738 (B738) 04.30.41 04/06/2016 Accepted
WJA955 CYYC CYVR B738 (B738) 01.41.28 04/05/2016 Accepted
WJA585 CYHM CYYC B738 (B738) 04.24.25 03/25/2016 Accepted
WJA538 CYYC CYHM B738 (B738) 03.30.50 03/19/2016 Accepted
WJA876 CYYJ CYYC B738 (B738) 01.11.20 03/16/2016 Accepted
WJA1709 KLAS CYYJ B738 (B738) 02.57.52 03/15/2016 Accepted
WJA1400 CYYC KLAS B738 (B738) 02.21.59 01/02/2016 Accepted
WJA178 CYQQ CYYC B738 (B738) 01.09.51 12/31/2015 Accepted
WJA179 CYYC CYQQ B738 (B738) 01.35.01 12/31/2015 Accepted
WJA217 CYUL CYYC B736 (B736) 04.44.03 12/28/2015 Accepted
WJA594 CYYZ CYUL B736 (B736) 01.13.04 12/27/2015 Accepted
WJA658 CYYC CYYZ B738 (B738) 03.22.43 12/26/2015 Accepted
WJA604 CYVR CYYC B738 (B738) 01.05.39 12/25/2015 Accepted

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