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Gabe Panis's Statistics

Name Gabe Panis Hours 78.30
Pilot ID WJA0361 Flights 44
Hub CYYZ Distance Flown 18008 miles
Rank Regional Captain Last Flight 500 Days ago
Hire Date: 03/07/2017 Last Flight Date 10/08/2017

Gabe Panis (Hired 715 days ago!)

Awards (6)

    For having piloted 10 flights
    For being with wj-virtual for one year
    For flying 2 consecutive days
    For landing at 20fpm or under
    For landing at 50fpm or under
    For landing at 100fpm or under

PIREP's List (44)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
WJA1207 KLGA CYYZ B738 (B738) 01.38.58 10/08/2017 Accepted
WJA349 CYYC CYEG B738 (B738) 00.53.12 09/12/2017 Accepted
WJA1202 CYYZ KLGA B738 (B738) 01.42.52 09/05/2017 Accepted
WJA174 CYVR CYYC B738 (B738) 01.29.50 08/31/2017 Accepted
WJA472 CYYZ CYOW B738 (B738) 01.17.54 08/27/2017 Accepted
WJA851 CYLW CYVR B738 (B738) 01.09.42 08/22/2017 Accepted
WJA276 CYYZ CYHZ B738 (B738) 02.18.23 08/21/2017 Accepted
WJA1246 CYYZ KTPA B738 (B738) 03.06.15 08/13/2017 Accepted
WJA465 CYYC CYLW B738 (B738) 01.15.59 08/10/2017 Accepted
WJA276 CYYZ CYHZ B738 (B738) 01.52.04 08/07/2017 Accepted
WJA1208 CYYZ KLGA B738 (B738) 01.49.03 07/30/2017 Accepted
WJA1582 CYYC KDFW B738 (B738) 03.28.43 07/29/2017 Accepted
WJA1202 CYYZ KLGA B738 (B738) 01.53.42 07/25/2017 Accepted
WJA1208 CYYZ KLGA B738 (B738) 01.45.17 07/18/2017 Accepted
WJA1202 CYYZ KLGA B738 (B738) 01.23.14 06/28/2017 Accepted
WJA260 CYHZ CYYT B738 (B738) 01.18.48 06/26/2017 Accepted
WJA492 CYXS CYVR B738 (B738) 01.17.36 05/30/2017 Accepted
WJA549 CYYT CYYZ B738 (B738) 03.37.58 05/29/2017 Accepted
WJA31B CYHZ CYYT B738 (B738) 01.41.24 05/23/2017 Accepted
WEN3235 CYLW CYVR DH8D (DH8D) 01.19.51 05/21/2017 Accepted
WJA678 CYYC CYYZ B738 (B738) 04.03.22 05/20/2017 Accepted
WJA449 CYYC CYYJ B738 (B738) 02.04.49 05/19/2017 Accepted
WJA449 CYYC CYYJ B738 (B738) 01.46.12 05/11/2017 Accepted
WEN3100 CYXJ CYYC DH8D (DH8D) 02.00.38 05/10/2017 Accepted
WEN3112 CYVR CYXT DH8D (DH8D) 02.01.30 05/09/2017 Accepted
WJA253 CYYC CYLW B737 (B737) 01.18.34 05/07/2017 Accepted
WJA398 CYLW CYEG B738 (B738) 01.40.25 05/07/2017 Accepted
WEN3410 CYYZ CYQB DH8D (DH8D) 01.54.55 04/25/2017 Accepted
WJA593 CYUL CYYZ B738 (B738) 01.34.16 04/25/2017 Accepted
WJA132 CYYC CYWG B738 (B738) 01.49.48 04/25/2017 Accepted
WJA334B CYLW CYYC B738 (B738) 01.07.03 04/25/2017 Accepted
WEN3467 CYDF CYHZ DH8D (DH8D) 01.43.37 04/23/2017 Accepted
WEN3283 CYVR CYXS DH8D (DH8D) 01.37.42 04/22/2017 Accepted
WEN3421 CYYT CYHZ DH8D (DH8D) 02.07.36 04/18/2017 Accepted
WEN3313 CYEG CYLW DH8D (DH8D) 01.34.44 04/12/2017 Accepted
WEN3289 CYQR CYYC DH8D (DH8D) 01.30.09 04/09/2017 Accepted
WEN3136 CYEG CYYC DH8D (DH8D) 01.08.33 04/08/2017 Accepted
WEN3281 CYYC CYYF DH8D (DH8D) 01.29.52 04/07/2017 Accepted
WEN3109 CYYC CYCD DH8D (DH8D) 02.04.27 04/05/2017 Rejected
WEN3181 CYYC CYQQ DH8D (DH8D) 02.10.34 03/28/2017 Accepted
WEN3245 CYEG CYMM DH8D (DH8D) 01.05.19 03/28/2017 Accepted
WEN3241 CYYC CYKA DH8D (DH8D) 01.26.29 03/27/2017 Rejected
WEN3258 CYVR CYLW DH8D (DH8D) 01.22.17 03/21/2017 Accepted
WEN3213 CYYZ CYQT DH8D (DH8D) 02.04.08 03/14/2017 Accepted
WEN3259 CYLW CYVR DH8D (DH8D) 01.28.19 03/14/2017 Accepted
WEN3280 CYYF CYYC DH8D (DH8D) 01.25.26 03/12/2017 Rejected
WEN3280 CYYF CYYC DH8D (DH8D) 01.25.26 03/12/2017 Rejected
WEN3280 CYYF CYYC DH8D (DH8D) 01.25.26 03/12/2017 Accepted

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