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Matthew Garcia's Statistics

Name Matthew Garcia Hours 34.21
Pilot ID WJA0094 Flights 18
Hub CYVR Distance Flown 9716 miles
Rank Regional Captain Last Flight 1578 Days ago
Hire Date: 05/18/2015 Last Flight Date 05/30/2016

Matthew Garcia (Hired 1957 days ago!)

Awards (4)

    For having piloted 10 flights
    For being with wj-virtual for one year
    For being with wj-virtual for two years
    For being with wj-virtual for one year

PIREP's List (18)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
WJA1203 KLGA CYYZ B738 (B738) 01.25.59 05/30/2016 Accepted
WJA1212 CYYZ KLGA B738 (B738) 01.20.06 04/10/2016 Accepted
WJA583 CYUL CYYZ B737 (B737) 01.20.49 03/12/2016 Accepted
WJA894 CYYZ CYUL B736 (B736) 01.10.44 03/01/2016 Accepted
WJA1882 CYVR PHKO B738 (B738) 06.04.56 12/21/2015 Accepted
WJA481 CYQM CYYZ B736 (B736) 02.21.07 12/12/2015 Accepted
WJA481 CYQM CYYZ B736 (B736) 02.21.07 12/12/2015 Accepted
WJA480 CYYZ CYQM B736 (B736) 02.13.48 12/09/2015 Accepted
WJA4786 CYYZ CYUL B737 (B737) 01.30.51 10/25/2015 Accepted
WJA430 CYEG CYYZ B737 (B737) 03.27.22 09/23/2015 Accepted
WJA598 CYYZ CYUL B737 (B737) 01.31.52 08/24/2015 Accepted
WJA412 CYVR CYEG B736 (B736) 01.34.33 08/04/2015 Accepted
WJA379 CYLW CYVR B737 (B737) 00.55.57 08/04/2015 Accepted
WJA189 CYEG CYLW B737 (B737) 01.28.04 06/22/2015 Accepted
WJA1203 KLGA CYYZ B736 (B736) 01.17.17 06/15/2015 Accepted
WJA1202 CYYZ KLGA B736 (B736) 01.16.14 06/14/2015 Accepted
WJA583 CYUL CYYZ B736 (B736) 01.21.05 06/13/2015 Accepted
WJA108A CYVR CYEG B736 (B736) 01.39.40 05/19/2015 Accepted

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