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Operation Manual

Version 1.2

Created September 2013

Updated October 2016


About the operation manual

This is the WJ Virtual Pilot Handbook. This Handbook provides information that will help you adapt quickly and make your stay with WJ Virtual a pleasant one. This handbook is subject to change at the discretion of the WJ Senior Staff. Please contact Senior Staff for any and all questions.


We are presently using the Virtual Airline Financial System better known as kACARS. Our Virtual Airline is a non-profit organization with financial obligations and transactions for our programs that are used today. These programs are free to use by each WJ Member, and donations are only made by those who wish to participate in keeping our community alive. Our main goal is to provide a realistic virtual airline that mimics the operations of the real world Westjet.


Before applying to become a pilot for WJ, it is very important that you understand the goal of our virtual airline. We want to maintain a fun and light atmosphere, and at the same time, we want to portray a professional airline environment. This includes promoting a level of technical aviation simulation skill through a system that teach, practice, and verify basic aviation simulation skills.


1.   Every applicant must be of the age of 13 years of age or older. NO EXCEPTIONS

2.   Every applicant must own a legal copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004,

FSX, P3D or X-Plane.

3.   Every applicant must agree to commit to a minimum of 1 scheduled flights every 30 calendar days (1 per month).

4.   Every applicant must have a valid VATSIM ID, even though we don’t require you to fly on the VATSIM Network.

5.   Every applicant must have and maintain a valid email address.

6.   It's recommended to download and install Team Speak3. This is our main

communication program to provide help and exchange with other pilots.

7.   Every applicant will be required to download and install the kACARS Program. This is our pilot reporting system.

8.   Every applicant must be able to fly their first scheduled flight within 7 days of hire date, if not done so, pilot will be deleted from the roster.

9.   Every applicant must maintain a landing rate -800 or lower. Applicants with a landing rate of -500 or higher will be notified of regulation violation and may be sent for pilot flight evaluation and or flights rejected.

10.  All flight must be operated by an aircraft in our fleet. PIREP will be rejected if any other aircraft is used.

Approval :

After a successful registration, every flight must be flown under real weather conditions, without time acceleration, online with the kACAR for member. WJ pilots must use correct callsigns = Westjet (WJA) and Encore (WEN) when they are flying online on VATSIM. WJ pilots can use any kind of network software via FSInn, Squawkbox, vPilot that is compatible with our flight logging software. If our flight logging software does not work, pilots will not be credited with their flights flown. Incomplete flight aborted due to pilot's actions is considered to be incomplete if total duration of flight is less than 90% of time specified for the flight in the WJ schedule. Only the real world Westjet flights are accepted which flight numbers and details can be found in your Pilot Dashboard. WJ pilots must keep in mind of the simulated air traffic rules, should prepare for all charts such as airports, SID/STARS, approaches diagrams that can be useful during the flight, regulations of the used simulation network (kACARS or VATSIM). During the flight in a controlled airspace, the pilot must follow and comply with ATC instructions.


2.1   Transfer of Hours :

New members may transfer up to 150 hours from one VA with a valid link from that VA to verify the pilot's logged hours.
A pilot may transfer up to 100 logged hours from online flights with VATSIM.

2.2   These hours must be entered on your original application and will not be accepted after the original application is processed.


3.0   Inactivity and Re-Hires:

Any member returning to WJ Virtual Airlines after leaving from their own free will must contact the Manager of Human Resources directly to apply for the re-activation process.

3.1   Any member returning to be re-hired after being removed for inactivity must contact the Manager of Human Resources via email, stating the reasons behind the inactivity and to confirm that they are committed to fulfilling the minimum flight requirements set out in the Operations procedures below, then email is forwarded to the Chief Operation Officer has final decision on who is re-hired or not.



4.0   Minimum Flight Requirements:

All new Pilots must complete their first scheduled flight within 7 days of hire. After your first flight, each pilot must complete a minimum of one (1) scheduled flight every 30 days.

4.1   Our pilot rosters are purged regularly for inactive accounts. If you become inactive, you will be contacted by email for an explanation. If you fail to respond to the email within 7 days, your account will be suspended and your membership with WJ Virtual Airlines will be reviewed for possible actions of account termination. Should a member wish to return, they will be subject to Re-Hire Policy Section 3.1

4.2   All flight MUST be flown under real world conditions. Any flight filed without these conditions are subject to rejection.

4.3   Pilots must fly for only one VA at the same time. That means that pilots cannot fly two virtuals airlines at the same time with both ACARS on. If any pilot don't respect this rule, the PIREP will be refused and pilot will be advised. If it happens too much, pilot will be disciplined and could risk termination of his account.

4.4   The Boeing 767, 787 and DH8D must be flown under real airline conditions ONLY. Any virtual flight flown with the B767 and B787 DH8D wich is not operated by this aircraft in the real world counterpart will be rejected. No substitution allowed for B767, B787 AND DH8D.

4.5   All flights must represent real Westjet assigned by our schedule system,  all unreal fligth are subject to be rejected. If flight are missing in schedule please contact us and we will add it in the next hour or make it as a charter and specify in comment that is a missing flight in schedule and your flight will be accepted. For rare flight, they can be complete at maximum 48 hours after the real flight. After this time, the PIREP will be rejected for unreal flight operation. To operate a special flight or a missing flight in our system you have to be able to prove that is a real flight and have been operated in the past 48 hours via a valid source.

4.6    You must use a real world Westjet livery for your flight. All flight without a real WJA livery will be rejected. We have all livery in our download section. If you are not able to install them for any reason, tell us and we will do everything that we can to help you to fly with them.

4.7    You must use our bidding systme for all your flight. The lone exception is if the flight is missing in our schedule so you can operate it by charter the mode in the ACARS. Otherwise, the flight will be rejected.

4.8     The accuracy of all PIREP is at pilot responsibility.





Pilots will only receive logged flight time if the flight took place using a scheduled flight posted in the WJ Virtual Airlines Flight Schedules, and was flown using the WJ aircraft associated with that particular flight. The first submission of a fraudulent PIREP’s will result in the immediate removal of that particular flight. The second submission of a fraudulent PIREP will result in immediate suspension of the user’s membership with WJ Virtual Airlines until the Disciplinary board meets to discuss disciplinary actions.

5.1   Pilots are not required to depart from their previous arrival location. Pilots are free to select any flight from the schedule.


Category of Rank:

Trainee : 0-25 Hrs.

Regional Captain : 25-100 Hrs.

First Officer : 100-150Hrs.

Captain : 150-400Hrs.

Senior Captain : 400-800Hrs.

Fleet Officer : 800+ Hrs.


 Leave of Absence:

If it is necessary for you to be away for an extended period of time, you may take up to 4 months Leave of Absence. Please use the module let your Sr. Staff member know how long you will be gone. After you receive confirmation from your Sr. Staff member, you will remain on the Pilot Roster. Leave of Absence (LOA) is an option available to Pilot's who do not believe they will be able to meet the requirements of Section 4.0.A leave of absence allows a member to remain on the Pilot roster and remove them from the restrictions of flying that may result in their removal for inactivity until they feel able to return to active status.

6.0 Leave of Absence requests will only be considered for pilots who have been employed with WJ for a minimum of 30 days.

6.1 Pilots must have a minimum of one approved PIREP that was filed 10 days prior to a request for a leave of absence.

7.0 Participation Policy

We do not require any flights to be flown online, via VATSIM. But we do expect to see that each pilot is participating within the community by doing their share. This community is your community, and it takes each and every one of us to meet the goals of WJ Virtual Airline, so please do your part!

7.1 Pilots must fly at 1x (one-time) simulation speed at all time! NO SLEWING is allowed.

7.2 Each pilot will comply with the proper FAA-outlined operating procedures, altitudes and speeds while operating flights online or offline. Our Virtual Airline ALLOWS a diversion in the case of airport closure in the real world, or crosswind component of no less than 25kts, whether gusting or not, or a visibility of 3 kilometers or less. The alternate airport must be no more than 1 hour flight time from your destination airport. You will have to post a screenshot of your METAR in the forum.

7.3 In case of an emergency on board, we allow you to divert your flight to a another airport than your destination but you have to give us the information why you didn't land at destination in flight comments or in our forum.

 7.4   WJ Virtual Airlines realistic financial operations system is in place, all pilots must fly their scheduled flights as planned. If you start a scheduled flight and go over your scheduled time due to improper scheduling on your part, the pilot will be fined.

Pilots who do this, for the first time will be warned via Flight Operations. Pilots who, after a warning, continue to use improper scheduling will have their PIREPS denied.

Warnings and denied PIREPS will come at the discretion of Flight Operations.


Each Pilot will comply with the outlined regulations,

(a)               Pilots are only allowed to fly a total of 14 hours in a 24 hour time frame. You may fly as many flights that you can fit into the 14 Hour duty time.

(b)              Any flights scheduled over 10+ Hrs. will require a pause in their flight either 1 hour after departure or 1 hour before arrival. Multiple daily flights are allowed as long as their duty hours do exceed the 14 hour limit. A single flight that exceeds 14 hours will be approved, and pilot will have to comply to 7.4(c) regulations.

(c)          After a 14 hour duty time is met, Pilots must halt all operations for a minimum 10 hours of rest time.


Hub transfers are only granted every 30 days. Hub transfers will be completed on the first day of every month.



As a staff member at WJ Virtual Airlines, we hold our requirements higher in everything we do. This is so that we are consistently able to set a better than average example in every circumstance. As we accept and hire each staff member, we strive for complete professionalism to make sure that every individual has this same attitude of success and achievement in everything we do. All staff members must meet the following requirements to be considered for any staff position and must comply with the following conditions



Any WJ pilots or Staff Members who are found violating any regulations, or has been involved in any inappropriate situations or conflicts are subject to disciplinary actions. Any and all appeals of any decisions must be made in writing via email to the Chief Executive Officer.  within seven (7) days of any Disciplinary decision.


WJ-Virtual website, domain, or other WJ property may not be copied or reproduced by any means without the express written consent of the WJ Sr. Staff. No one can claim rights to any part of WJ. Westjet name, logo and Trademarks remain the property of Westjet. WJ Virtual is a non-profit origination and no way affiliated with the real Westjet.



The following types of misconduct will lead in the direction of disciplinary actions.

(a)   Failure to show respect for fellow WJ pilots or members or other the WJ staff. The use of vulgarity to any controller, pilot, instructor, member or other staff member outside of the WJ community

(b)   Providing false information on any application, website or forum registration, falsely accusing fellow pilots or Staff of wrong doing.

(c)   Discriminatory actions including racial, harassment towards fellow pilots, any staff member including visitors from outside of the community.




(a)   Repeated violations of the WJ code of conduct

(b)   Sharing or passing out user passwords to the WJ website, Forums, TeamSpeak3.

(c)   Threatening bodily injury to any WJ member, staff, or any outside visitor.

(d)   Posting or sharing any type of pornography, distributing pay ware programs, aircraft or any other type of pay ware material via the WJ forums or Team Speak3

Server. Soliciting petitions, advertising of any other virtual airline other than WJ.

(e)   Attempting to defraud WJ Virtual in any way or form. Members must always be aware of their actions and statements and should always conduct themselves appropriately to prevent any disciplinary actions.


Every WJ member will be recommended to download and install TeamSpeak 3. TeamSpeak 3 is the community main communication program. Each WJ member will also be required to have a working microphone so that communication with the staff or other members is capable. TeamSpeak 3 services will also be used during scheduled members meetings, scheduled events, Staff Meetings, or just to jump online to say hello to a fellow pilot.
Here our TeamSpeak 3 Info:

password: 311551

14.1 Forums Policy and conditions

Pilots MUST check the forums regularly as many important announcements are posted there. Many of your questions can be answered by merely reading the forums regularly. Posting privileges for the forums are available to all registered members. The forums at WJ are grouped by subject. Please select the correct forum when posting. Most all posts related to aviation, flight simulation and hardware questions are acceptable. Items of an illegal or sexually explicit nature are PROHIBITED. A member, who posts a message or image in the forums which violates this rule, will be terminated and will not be eligible to reapply to WJ. This website and Forums is owned and operated by WJ Virtual and its Members. Pilots shall not post material through the WJ forums that Violates the rights of another member(s) such as the unauthorized posting of trademarks, copyrighted material, or any other unauthorized content. Content may not be Threatening, abuses, defames, or otherwise attacks individuals through political, personal, or religion. Content may not Contain profanity, vulgarity, or other obscenities. Content may not contain pornography or disturbing or disrespectable language or Spam.


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